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Frequently Asked Questions About Officiating

Can you personalize our ceremony?

Absolutely! Not only do I gather information during our initial consultation, I send you a questionnaire with even more questions to get the information I need to personalize every ceremony.

My partner and I come from different religious backgrounds. Are you able to help us?

Yes - as a non-denominational minister, I'm happy to write a ceremony that reflects both of your beliefs.

What kind of minister are you and are you affiliated with a church?

I'm an ordained minister through the United Life Church and American Marriage Ministries, and I'm registered with the state. I'm not affiliated with any specific religious organization, which means I'm very flexible with the type of ceremonies I perform.

Do you perform same sex ceremonies?

Most definitely! I'm a proud believer of marriage equality.

Can we include children in our ceremony?

Yes, children as ring bearers and flower girls can be adorable. I remind my couples that small children, under the age of 6, sometimes get "stage fright" when faced with the task of walking down the aisle with so many people watching them, so adjust your expectations accordingly.

Will you come to our wedding rehearsal?

Yes! If you choose to have a rehearsal, I'm happy to attend and run the rehearsal. I will work with your planner and/or venue coordinator to make it quick and efficient. Rehearsals run about 30 minutes. Keep in mind that rehearsals don't HAVE to be at your venue. I've had rehearsals in homes, garages, hotels, and yards! 


We're already legally married, but no one knows. Can you still perform a ceremony for us?

This situation happens more than you think. Your secret's safe with me!


Do you require or offer pre-marital counseling?

I'm not licensed as a counselor, and do not require it. I'm happy to refer you if you're interested in this service.


What do you wear to our wedding?

I actually had someone ask me once what kind of shoes I wear, because they saw a photo of an officiant who had on tennis shoes. I wear a variation of mostly black, dressy clothing, that is appropriate for a wedding. I promise I will never wear tennis shoes to your wedding!


How long do your ceremonies last?

My ceremonies are 20-25 minutes, depending on what elements are included.


Should I invite you to the rehearsal dinner and the reception?

I appreciate the thoughtfulness, but there is no need to invite me!


I know we tip other vendors, but should we tip the officiant?

As with all vendors, tips are never expected, but always appreciated. A review after your wedding is really appreciated, too.


We are nervous to say our vows in front of everyone. Can you read them for us?

I don't recommend that I read your vows to your guests. Consider reading your vows to each other during a first look - it then becomes a private moment instead of a public moment. During the ceremony, we can have repeat after me vows, or I can arrange the vows so that all you have to do is say "I do" at the end. Whatever is most comfortable for you!

Do you have a backup in case of an emergency?

The officiant community are a great group of people who have each other's backs. If an emergency should arise, I would send the ceremony to an officiant I know and trust and have them perform it. 

How many ceremonies have you performed?

Close to 300 at the time of creating this FAQ list!

Will you share the ceremony you've written for us before the wedding?

When I'm finished writing the ceremony, I will always send an email asking if you'd like to see it. If you do, I'm happy to make a changes you'd like to have. The ceremony is a reflection of your relationship and I want it to be perfect for you!

Do you require a deposit?

I require a signed agreement and 50% retainer to secure your date. The remaining fee will be due the week of your wedding.

How do we get a marriage license?

You are responsible for acquiring a marriage license from the county where you live. You begin the process by going to the Probate Court website of that county, and following their directions. I talk more about that during our consultation call.


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