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Hygge your Wedding

Hygge, a word you may have heard often during this long, cold northeastern winter, is taking the world by storm. What is it, how do you do it and most importantly, what does it have to do with your wedding? All good questions!

Hygge (hue-guh) is the Danish practice of living a cozy life. Yes it’s that simple. But when you live virtually without daylight for 6 months out of the year, I suppose you do what you can to make life more bearable. The practice has evolved into being about cherished, shared experiences and includes a group of elements to enhance those experiences.

That’s where your wedding comes in.

You are probably planning to incorporate some of these elements into your wedding already without even knowing it, but let’s take a look at a few to see how you can use them to make your wedding day even more cozy.


Your guests have come to share your day, so be present and let them know that you appreciate them. Your wedding is essentially a really big shared experience; make it meaningful for you as well as your treasured friends and guests. While smaller gatherings naturally lend themselves more easily to hygge, you can still create an intimate, lovely evening for your guests by making sure to greet each and every person there at some point during your day.

Lighting and candles

Danish people burn almost twice as many candles per person than any other country ( I may be able to give them a run for their money, but I digress). If you were thinking of placing large centerpieces on the reception tables, think about using candles instead, and lots of them. If your venue doesn’t allow open flame, electric candles are a great alternative. Also, think about the overall lighting, have the venue turn the lights down to create an intimate atmosphere during dinner.

Cake and a Hot Drink

Savor a sweet treat and a hot mug of something yummy like a Dane! Donuts and dessert bars are all the rage and for good reason. Who doesn’t love something sweet after a great meal? Think about offering a coffee or cocoa bar for your guests to accompany the dessert. You can offer a variety of mix-ins (or pour ins, wink, wink) and toppings and let your guests help themselves. It also encourages people to get up from the table and mingle.


There is nothing cozier than sitting around a fireplace, is there? Think you can’t have one at your wedding? Think again. As I write this, I have my little heavenly electric fireplace humming along. See if your venue can transform one corner of your reception space into a lounge space, which couches, soft lighting (see above) and yes, a fireplace. Or even better, see if there is an outdoor space that can hold a fire pit.

Let your creativity flow away as you think about how you can incorporate a little cozy into your special day. And of course Perfectly Celebrated will be there to make sure those special touches happen just the way you plan.

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